Avinya Foundation

#2 Stop and smell the winds of change…

“Sometimes we can only find out true direction when we let the wind of change carry us.” (Mimi Novic)

It’s been that kind of a week behind the scenes at team Avinya. You know the weeks when you discover that the days of the week are starting to morph into one ūüôā

We’ve been scurrying around processing the weight of what we are to accomplish, but with a sprint in our step and silent smiles to ourselves as we think about how far we have come.

So I guess that’s the theme for this week’s blog. Stop and smell the winds of change!¬†As cliched as it sounds – stop and just be in the present. Enjoy the moment of the start up, the newness, the unfamiliarity and the pieces of the jigsaw¬†strewn across the floor. Enjoy the magical feeling of piecing each one together, slowly and steadily.

Speaking of pieces coming together, here are some highlights from this week:


  • We’ve been busy going over lots of wonderful applications for our Foundation Programme Educators. We’ve got 151 applications so far! We already know that it’ll be a tough choice to select our pioneer teaching team!


There’s still time to share the news, application deadline is the 4th of September 2022. All details here along with the online application form:¬†https://www.avinyafoundation.org/home/foundation-programme-educators


  • Our discussion community¬†is 108 members now and counting. We’ve had some great discussions this week mainly around our LMS. Thank you for the interesting conversation and thought provoking questions.


If you haven’t already joined and would like to, please click below:

Join the discussion group!


  • We are slowly working our way through to our next milestone and racing to meet our own eager enthusiasm to see this project flourish within the timeframes we’ve set out. Student admissions is on our mind this month as we plan to kick off the process from October. Some very cool admissions systems are in the works. Watch this space for updates.
  • On a lighter note, we’ll be sharing some content on our social media pages soon about our experience and views on Project Based Learning.
  • Don’t forget to follow us on our newly set up Facebook page as well:¬†Avinya Foundation¬†


One thing is for sure, team Avinya may be sleep deprived but the fire is burning stronger than ever as we enjoy this moment in time. 

As we stand on the first step Рlooking up at the staircase to the first Avinya school, I shall leave you with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. that resonates my sentiments very aptly.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

– Anju