Avinya Foundation

Empower Program

The Empower Program is a tailor made, innovative framework that has been designed specifically for students from underserved communities. The main objective of the program, as the name suggests, is to Empower students to become confident, accountable citizens in the society and stand out in the competitive job market. 

When crafting the curriculum, the main focus of our team of trailblazing educators was to pay special attention to how we can make it relatable to our prospective students. With the Empower Program we strive to be interesting, relevant and different from the “classroom” our students have experienced so far. 

In a time when information is available in abundance, we recognize it is the skills to use the information and the decisions we make that matter. This is the main reason our curriculum framework for the program is based on 21st century skills and not driven by subjects. With the Empower Program we hope to expose students to real world problems and situations to create an environment that supports Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication.

The curriculum focuses on the following learning objectives:

Effective Communication Skills

Students will develop skills such as presentation skills, active listening, and conflict resolution.

Digital Literacy Skills

Students will learn how to effectively use technology for research, communication, and collaboration.

Analytical Reasoning Skills

Critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills will be developed.

Creative Thinking Skills

Students will cultivate skills related to innovation, design thinking, and imagination.

Leadership Skills

Teamwork, management, and strategic planning abilities will be fostered.

Personal and Interpersonal Skills

Students will develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

The teaching methodology of the Empower program is project-based. Students are given real-world problems and engage in practical applications of their skills. The curriculum integrates subjects within the context of the projects, rather than teaching them as separate topics. Each project will be evaluated based on its ability to enhance skill development and cover relevant knowledge content.