Avinya Foundation


As we embark on this journey of empowerment at Avinya, we find ourselves humbled and honored by the unwavering support of our collaborators, mentors, and partners. This appreciation page stands as a tribute to their dedication and belief in our mission.

Join us in acknowledging these beacons of inspiration, whose contributions illuminate the path for our students and resonate with the core values of our endeavor.


August 2023

Thank you Harindu & Buddhini of Infusion Studio for your volunteer support to do event management for our first ever graduation ceremony.

July 2023 – Ongoing

Thank you Newan, Randunu, Pamoda and the entire Code94 team for the fabulous upgrade to our website with meticulous attention to detail and going above and beyond to deliver work within very tight timelines.

May 2023

Thank you MEU Labs for taking the time to talk us through your wonderful initiative for children to help develop STEM education as well as the support to link us up with the STEM.org accreditation.

February 2023 – Ongoing

Thank you to Sumithrayo for their invaluable support in compassionately listening to our students, nurturing their mental well-being throughout their transformative empowerment journey.

Guest Speakers

February 2023 – Bandaragama 2023 Batch A

Thank you to our esteemed guest speakers, whose enlightening contributions have empowered our students with diverse knowledge and practical insights through engaging workshops

An introduction to the hospitality industry  – Elaine Fernandopulle

Inspirational career stories – Mayukha Perera

Personal branding – Ruwandi Perera

Mental health awareness – Sri Lanka Sumithrayo

Design thinking – Jeramy De Zilwa

Formulating a business plan – Geethika Cooray

Sexual and reproductive health and rights – Shanuki De Alwis

Drug awareness – National Dangerous Drugs Control Board

Career awareness in the healthcare industry – Asiri Health

Career awareness in the healthcare industry – Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences

Leadership and building confidence – Mahela Jayawardene

Civic law and knowing your rights – Mahesh Senaratne

AI for life – MEU Labs

Role of a naturalist – Sajith Buddika

Time management – Dr. Arosha Bandara

Building a successful start-up – Chandula Abeywickrama

Becoming an entrepreneur – Ajith Indikadulla

February 2023

Thank you Alta Vision for supplying us with solar inverters and panels at cost and for your support during the initial stages of constructing our first Academy, promoting sustainability.

January 2023

Thank you Phoenix for supporting us with a generous offer of chairs for our Academy in Bandaragama.


November 2022 – Ongoing

Thank you Insureme.lk for supporting us with insurance quotations for our staff and for your tireless and prompt service for all our insurance needs as a start up and when setting up our first Academy.

December 2022 – May 2023 

Thank you Enfection for your generous offer to support us with an updated logo and brand building.

December 2022

Thank you Dialog for your generous offer to support us on our journey with a discounted total device and data support solution

December 2022

Thank you Sumedha, Enosh and the Entgra team for your expertise and support with MDM for the devices which will be used by students and staff at our Academy in Bandaragama.

November 2022 – May 2023

Thank you Virtusa for the generous offer of 3 IT Consultants to help build our academic management system.

Amal Rangana

November 2022

Thank you Amal Rangana for your support to help us with our first stage website design and structure.

November 2022

Thank you Hard Talk for your great effort to share our press releases and give us the best possible reach.

October 2022 – Ongoing

Thank you Julius and Creasy for the pro bono support with incorporating Avinya Foundation.

Thank you for your Company Secretarial services throughout and from August 2023 for showing further support by providing us with a discounted rate for services.

Sampath Senaratharachchige Associates and Sheran Henry Associates

September 2022

Thank you Sampath and Sheran for taking the time to create a comprehensive pitch based on our architect’s brief for our first Academy.

September 2022

Thank you DesignOne for the amazing concept for our Academy and for the tireless efforts to get our first Academy off the ground to very tight timelines.

September 2022 – Ongoing

Thank you WSO2 for sharing office space, resources and expertise in Operations, HR and admin functions as well as for Choreo, Asgardeo and general support.

Thank you for the numerous and varied contributions that became integral to Avinya Bandaragama, including glass partitions, chairs, tables, projectors, and so much more.

If the spirit of giving back moves you, and you’re interested in volunteering your time and expertise for endeavors like these, we invite you to connect with us at contact@avinyafoundation.org.

Let’s collaborate to make a meaningful difference together.