Avinya Foundation

#4 Learn Early. Learn Often.

“Learn Early. Learn Often.” (Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-founder) 

This has resonated with me a lot this week. 
You know how you get into things and think I kind of have this figured out? But then a curve ball comes your way and you find yourself rethinking your ‘figured out state’?

Well that’s what this week has been like.
Even though we have done many interviews in the past in our previous roles, the first round of interviews that we’ve done this week for the Foundation Programme Educators has been monumental to say the least. These are our pioneer group of educators who will set forth to make a lasting impact on the upper secondary education space in Sri Lanka. I have to pause thoughts in my head after saying these words out loud because it’s so special to us!
We’ve had to look at new ways of doing things, different ways of thinking and pooling ideas together cohesively to ensure our recruitment process suits our needs and encapsulates our vision and ethos.
Learn Early. Learn Often. 
As you can see, lots of that happened this week and it is definitely a very good way to go when being a part of a start up. Especially a start up that has potential to change so many students’ lives and with them their families and entire communities… it’s a real domino effect of love, upskilling and hope. 
So, here I am after a week full of a whole lotta learning, sharing some key updates with our  wonderful Avinya support network.
  • Admissions
    • We mapped out our admissions process and system to build it into the systems work we have going on and to iron out each step of the process so that we are all on the same page. You know what helped us? UML is her name (I’m biased it’s a her ok ;))
      • UML (Remember how I started? Learn Early. Learn Often)
      • I didn’t know what UML was before this week. But thanks to our tech guru CTO Samisa, I now can say I know a little bit more! If you want to do some light reading on this, you can check out the link he shared with us: https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/uml-diagram-tutorial/
  • Foundation Programme Educator Interviews
    • We’ve started off a few Round 1 interviews for those candidates who made it through stage 2 of our recruitment process which was the demo lesson video submission task. 
    • If you have submitted your video task and haven’t received any communication yet, please bear with us as we are slowly working our way through all the submissions and you will have a response soon.
    • Our team was amazed by the creativity, thought and care gone into the video task submissions. We had to make some very tough choices to move candidates to the next stage of the recruitment process.
  • Documentation
    • While we’ve done our share of documentation in the past but getting things off the ground for Avinya is definitely keeping us on our toes. We’ve been working on a briefing report for key stakeholders and are navigating our next milestone in order to get our ground operations kicked off.
  • Location
    • Why have I left this update for the last, you may ask. We are still fine tuning some documentation here and will share the good news with you as soon as we can. Trust me, we are as eager as you are to share this news 🙂
  • Foundation Programme Curriculum
    • Our team is busy at work tying up loose ends with the curriculum and gearing up for Educator Induction and Training.
That’s a wrap from Team Avinya for this week. 
Oh and guess what? 
We are one month old! 
How a month flew by I do not know. Yet, it has been a month of learning and learning – did I mention learning? 🙂
I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be on this learning journey with, happy one month to us! 
A big thank you to you for reading and for being a wonderful source of support and motivation on our journey.
– Anju