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#32 Exquisite Showcases, Friends United and Exclusive Interviews

Good day to all our lovely readers! First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who signed up to be a guest speaker at Avinya. We had a lot of wonderful responses and we’re actually having a hard time reserving slots for all the wonderful speakers who have volunteered. We’re all grateful for your support! Counting down to the end of the first term, we have exciting things cooking up at our Academy as always.

Project Showcase!

Our final project for the term is a culmination of showcasing all the other projects the students were involved in so far. If you’ve followed our blog so far, you’ll know the strides our students have taken and for this project, we’re inviting the parents to be a part of it. Project showcase was all about critical thinking, designing and planning. Students made their own to-do lists and need-to-know charts to predict the issues they may face while organizing the exhibition and pre plan for them in advance. To be completely honest, students were more enthusiastic about planning an Avurudu celebration than an exhibition but they’ve taken to it with the same unwavering stride they’ve displayed since the beginning. We’ve had our designers taking full responsibility of putting together presentations and creating invites. We’d love to have all of you with us in spirit 😀

Our data collectors were busy making sure every scrap of effort that went into all previous projects weren’t wasted and would be showcased in all their glory. Presenters are not as nervous before because this the fifth time they’re doing this, it’s a piece of cake! Tune in with us next week for a picture reel of our first ever student exhibition at Avinya!

Friends United

What does it mean to be a friend? To me, it means jamming to Taylor Swift songs, gabbing about all the gossip and of course, aiding with the occasional prank. I’m kidding (mostly). Honesty, trustworthiness, empathy and mutual respect were some of the answers our students gave when asked this question by the team of counselors who visited us on Tuesday. I must say I agree, for a strong foundation is the key to many relationships in life. Our second workshop was as big of a hit as the first, with the students participating in various interactive activities held by the team of Sumithrayo who visited us from their Panadura branch. This was followed by a chance for the students to have conversations and open up about any troubling thoughts. We are super grateful to the team at Sumithrayo for providing us with this chance, a lot of the students needed to get things off their chest. Sumithrayo left with the promise of returning and we hope to have another productive session with them soon!

The Elements and Exclusive Interviews

This week’s house competitions were organized by our very own Activity Club at Avinya. This week saw house Air in the lead with houses Earth, Fire and Water not far behind. We felt as if teamwork got a whole new meaning watching the teams try to cross the imaginary water body on six lily pads.

The student magazine club is hard at work trying to bring the latest trends on technology and fashion in the second issue of “Epic journey of Avinya”. They’re also hoping to acquire an exclusive interview with a special guest visiting the exhibition.

Drama club has a gingerbread man running away and the singing and dance club are bringing the classics back from the 90s.

Other news

Our favorite duo of academic marvels have been hard at work doing their own fair share of planning and organizing. Our first batch will be moving into vocational training in the blink of an eye after the Empower program. Anju and Dee, with the support of Vidushi and Sanduni, have been working double time to ensure our students get the best of the best while wielding Canva like a scalpel. Dee organized a lovely INSETT this week for us on literacy and we’re all awaiting our chance to try out some of the activities in class.

All in all, a day doesn’t go by that doesn’t end in adventure and suspense! We will catch you guys next week!

  • Sinalie