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#37 What do I stand for?

So we’ve had a wonderful three day week!

I’m not sure about you but sometimes the fact that I know there is a holiday coming up makes me far more productive! It gives me hope that eventually we may consider adopting a four day work week like some companies in countries like Belgium and Iceland and so on. A girl can hope 🙂


Right, I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, we’ve had a busy week fitting in pieces of our puzzle as we tread unchartered waters. Doing something new is always daunting and some of the curve balls that come at you are pretty intricate ones. So, we’ve been hard at work putting things in place and weaving this new tapestry together. We’ve met with roadblocks, disappointments and some pretty new and looming challenges. Through it all we’ve dug into the reserves of our team to pull through and we’ve made it to the other side to face the next round.


Getting our students on a vocational career pathway is front and centre on our minds and we are very thankful to our prospective partners who are working with us to make strides in the new and unchartered territory. Our students are brimming with hope and are walking the corridors with more and more confidence each day.


As they come together this week to complete their final task for the project “My Passion”, I stumble into many a student as I turn corners at our campus facility. I first look perplexed at a student carrying a back pack and trying to head home at 10.00am and wonder if my watch has stopped. Then, I look closer and see another group of students choreographing a scene and another student ready to record and realise I’ve walked right into the middle of an intricate set. I bow out gracefully and turn the next corner only to see other creative things happening as the students are hard at work recording their campaign to raise awareness about a community issue close to their hearts.


Do you know how often we look at a problem and say “ah well, that’s just how it is.”

Well, what we want our future generation to know is that if you believe, you can do anything.


“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg


We want them to explore topics and themes they are passionate about and use their voice to tell others about it. We used this project to look at awareness around issues in our community, campaigns to raise awareness for important issues and persuasive language to encourage others to support these important issues. Do check out our social media where we will highlight some of our students’ work.


Our Technology team has been busy working on fine tuning our attendance app and other apps are in the works I hear 🙂


Also this week, in key moments, a big thank you to Mahela Jayawardena who took time to tour our campus facilities and talk to the Academic team and our students. His words were inspirational and motivated us to work hard and keep following our dreams. His words of wisdom on ensuring each and every one of us follow our passion and put in the time and effort to do so left us all both moved and energized.


In other news our Educator applications remain open. Please follow this link to find out more: https://avinyafoundation.org/avinya-academy/join-our-team/

The closing date for applications is 14th May and we will only consider applications sent via our form.


I’m keeping my promise and adding in a team value from my session. This time it is the all important team value of – Accountability. I remember as I put the definition of this one up on the screen there were many heads nodding, immediately relating to the importance of this value.

Why does it matter?
For me in simple terms means that the team has got my back.

That’s why it matters.

You have wings to fly when you know that your team is cheering you on and will be there if you need to make an emergency landing (as we sometimes need to do ;)).

So, how does one cultivate accountability?

One thing, I’ve felt that has inspired accountability in me is when I feel valued, respected and empowered. When I’ve felt otherwise I’ve felt the opposite of accountability. What about you?


On that pensive and thoughtful note, I shall leave you to enjoy some photos from this week!

– Anju