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#40 Culinary Delights and Financial Insights

Hi everyone,


Welcome to another eventful week at Avinya, where learning takes on a flavorful twist! From the resounding success of our “Fun with Food” project to diving into the world of financial management, as always, our students have been immersed in an array of enriching experiences. Additionally, the hunt for a new team member and the arrival of our latest guest speakers have injected an extra dose of excitement into our school days. Let’s take a walk through the highlights of this week!


The “Fun with Food” project took center stage as students unleashed their culinary creativity with gusto. From unique flavor combinations to artistic presentations, the Avinya cafeteria brimmed with the delightful smell of children exploring their passion for food. The atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm as our young chefs adorned their aprons and embarked on an adventure to create fusion dishes that delighted both the taste buds and the imagination. The cafeteria’s transformation into a culinary experimentation ground filled the entire school with an intoxicating aroma. The mingling scents of sizzling pans, fragrant spices, and freshly cooked dishes permeated the air, captivating everyone who passed by. It was a sensory delight that inspired curiosity and fostered an appreciation for the diverse world of culinary arts.


While every dish exhibited remarkable creativity, the bottle gourd leaves dish emerged as the champion of originality. The ingenious use of this humble ingredient not only surprised but also delighted the taste testers and judges. I was truly under the impression I was biting into a form of sushi at first. However, it turned out to be a delectable combination of a unique paste contained within the bottle gourd leaves and lightly fried to provide a tantalizing crunch. The students’ innovative approach in utilizing bottle gourd leaves as a component of their fusion creations showcased their ability to think outside the box. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that all the other dishes presented tough competition, as they demonstrated similar levels of inventiveness and delectability. So much so that I could not decide on a personal favorite by the end of the taste testing though the soya-meat biryani came close!


As our taste buds relished the success of the “Fun with Food” project, we seamlessly transitioned to the next phase of our academic journey: “Manage My Money.” Recognizing the significance of financial literacy, this project focuses on imparting essential skills for saving and managing finances, ensuring that we can continue to afford the tasty treats we enjoy! Through engaging activities and discussions, students are learning how to make informed decisions, set budgets, and prioritize their spending wisely.


In the spirit of growth and collaboration, Avinya embarked on a quest to find our newest member of the team a few weeks ago. The hunt for talent has been an exciting adventure, with aspiring candidates showcasing their skills through the latest captivating video tasks. The display of passion and creativity in these submissions has left the selection committee impressed. The first round of interviews is just around the corner, and we eagerly anticipate meeting these talented individuals face-to-face.


Ruwandi Perera, our inspiring guest speaker for the week, captivated the audience with her high-energy session on personal branding. Her dynamic presence and infectious enthusiasm left a lasting impact on everyone present. Ruwandi emphasized the importance of crafting a unique personal brand that reflects our values and strengths. She shared valuable insights on building an authentic online presence through social media and networking platforms. Her expertise in personal branding, combined with her vibrant personality, made the session an unforgettable experience! Students walked away with practical tips and a newfound motivation to take charge of their personal brand.


In addition to Ruwandi’s impactful session on personal branding, Samisa Abeysinghe delivered an engaging talk for our tech enthusiasts on the exciting opportunities the field holds for students amidst the ever-changing landscape of technology. With his extensive knowledge and passion for the subject, Samisa highlighted emerging trends and shed light on the diverse career paths within the field. Samisa’s session was an eye-opener, showcasing how students can leverage their skills and adaptability to thrive in a world driven by technology.


Adding another layer of excitement to our vibrant school life, house competitions made a triumphant comeback. Our first batch of junior floaties, dedicated student volunteers who help keep our school spirit afloat, wrapped up their duties in a memorable morning filled with laughter and friendly competition. The event not only reinforced teamwork and camaraderie but also provided an opportunity for students to showcase their talents in a joyous atmosphere.


As we bid adieu to an eventful week, Avinya stands as a testament to the power of experiential learning. From the triumph of the “Fun with Food” project to the invaluable lessons in financial management, our students continue to embrace new challenges and nurture their passions. With the anticipation of new team members and more new projects, the upcoming weeks promise to be equally thrilling. Stay tuned for more adventures as we embark on a journey of growth, knowledge, and endless possibilities.