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#42 Rejuvenating Educators and Bedazzled Resumes

Hey everyone,

Bidding the mid-term holiday adieu, it’s back to the grind at Avinya! From an energizing training session to planning for the next student intake, let’s dive into the highlights of the week.


The week kicked off with a training session for our educators. Dee started off with a game of Taboo to set the tone and get everyone engaged. Our educators raced against the clock to describe their colleagues without highlighting some of their most notable qualities. After much laughter and some confusion, our focus shifted towards planning for the upcoming student intake at Avinya Academy, Bandaragama. We’ve learnt a lot from our first batch and have been fine tuning our process for the second run. Applications will be open very soon, so keep an eye out for the opportunity to join our academy! In-between causing some chaos by accidentally disrupting Dee’s carefully sorted files, Anju also has some intriguing plans cooking up for the academic team. Rest assured, we will provide you with more details on this exciting development very soon!


In the meantime, the hunt for the new educators progressed into Round 2 interviews. We were delighted to see the amazing teaching techniques and true passion for education our applicants displayed. Only a few more steps to go until we welcome some new faces into our cozy little family.


On the student front, this week was all about exploring their vocations. Students delved deep into their chosen fields, immersing themselves in research about their chosen vocations that they will step into in a couple of months. In addition to exploring their vocations, our students worked diligently on fine-tuning their CVs. After Ruwandi’s session on personal branding, they’ve understood the importance of making a strong impression on potential vocational partners during upcoming interviews. Everyone’s deep diving into Canva, to design the most eye-catching resumes while highlighting their skills, achievements, and aspirations. Parallely, the homeroom teachers conducted one-to-one sessions with students to touch base with them on a variety of topics and to make sure everyone’s ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.


At Avinya, change is a constant companion. As we move forward with another week, we eagerly anticipate the opening of applications for the next batch of students, to showcase their skills and passion for learning at the Avinya Academy, Bandaragama.