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#45 Vocational Magic in the Works

Greetings dear readers,

I’ve taken the floor yet again, collaborating with a couple of educators to document another eventful week at Avinya! The week commenced with a burst of excitement as intriguing developments unfolded in all three vocational areas. Vidushi and Dee have some wonderful thoughts to share with us about them!


A highlight this week was the Jetwing training which spanned three days. During the three days the students explored what is unique about being in the hospitality industry paying special attention to the importance of quality service. They also worked in teams to explore difficult situations that could occur in their day to day workplace through role plays and had a lively discussion on the importance of feedback and how to take direction. The most important aspect was enlightening the students on the variety of options and departments that lie in the hospitality industry and how important it is to choose what suits your personality the best. A BIG thank you to Romello and Shavindri for delivering such an engaging and educational training. We have really enjoyed having you with us this week!

– Dee


Another week dawned at Avinya with a different tune as some of the students underwent training in the hospitality field while the IT kids were glued to their laptops exploring the world of Coding. While these hands-on drills took place in different pods in the school, the first ever written test took place at the far end of the school. We, at Avinya, generally do not emphasize tests, however, the world we live in demands tests and results. Our students who were interested in healthcare had to fulfill certain G.C.E (O/L) prerequisites to embark on their journey. Thus, we were compelled to prepare them for O/L and sit for a mock test. That’s how we had an unusual week at our usual Avinya.

– Vidushi


This week, we also had the pleasure of welcoming Roshani and Anuki, our two new additions to the Avinya team who have wholeheartedly embraced all aspects of our school community. From teaching to interview preparation, Roshani and Anuki have dived headfirst into their roles. We eagerly look forward to witnessing the tremendous impact they will undoubtedly have on the Avinya experience.


Amidst the week’s bustling activities, our interview process for the Bandaragama school has reached an exciting milestone. We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved half of our desired student capacity! Anju has been spotted clutching her pearls (in excitement, not shock) 30km away from the academy while on the way to conduct important interviews. The response from prospective students and their families has been overwhelming and wonderful to witness; how far Avinya has come since its inception in January just this year.


During the interviews, we have had the privilege to meet remarkable individuals who possess diverse talents and aspirations. As we continue conducting interviews, we remain committed to selecting individuals who align with our values and will thrive in our unique environment.


The future looks promising as we forge ahead, united in our mission to nurture the next generation of curious and resilient learners!