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#47 Reflections, Wings and New Horizons

Greetings dear reader,

We’re almost at the finish line! After wrapping our beloved Tinkerbell project, we have embarked on a new project: Let’s vlog it. Before we move onto more details about the week, our educator Anuki has some thoughts about the week:


TinkerCad, Tinker Dad, Tinker Bell… you name it, that was the highlight of this week. The educators started off the project on Redesign my School with a very active running dictation to familiarize the terms used in TinkerCad which shortly ended up looking like a human sandwich between students slamming across the whiteboard. The kids then started using their creative minds to envision their previously designed floor plan of the school into TinkerCad. It was so surprising to see how well they got hold of this new site and were using it like professionals. Their designs were truly exceptional and futuristic as well. They then made an infographic to  present their model explaining how special it is to the rest of the school. The models each and every group came up with were definitely extraordinary and inspiring for us as well. With that we wrapped up yet another interesting project.

            – Anuki


As the week progressed, our classrooms were newly abuzz with more creativity and collaboration. Students eagerly reflected on their personal growth and milestones achieved since joining Avinya. We hope the vlogs that are being produced will serve as powerful testimonials to the transformative power of education and the unwavering determination of our students. Witnessing their journey unfold has been a source of inspiration and pride for all of us.


As graduation rapidly approaches, everyone is putting in their final hurrahs and hurtling towards the end of the course. It’s truly astonishing how quickly six months have flown by. Our birdies, who were once timid newcomers, have now grown and matured, ready to spread their wings and fly out of their nests. It’s a bittersweet moment, filled with both excitement and a touch of nostalgia as we witness their growth and readiness to face new challenges.


This week, we are happy to share some exciting updates regarding our vocational career guidance. We want to thank Jetwing again for having played a pivotal role in this endeavor. Through an interview process held last week, they selected some of our students who showed great potential and passion for the hospitality industry. This opportunity has provided our students with their first taste of real-life competition in the workforce. Currently, these individuals are engaged in training with Jetwing, where they are delving into various areas of hospitality, acquiring practical skills and knowledge that will prove invaluable in their future careers. In addition to the strides made in the hospitality sector, we have promising updates coming up in the fields of healthcare and IT.


Onwards and upwards! I want to leave everyone with this quote that I relate to everyday and I’m sure many of our readers do as well. Until next week!




“Life is not so much about beginnings and endings as it is about going on and on and on. It is about muddling through the middle.” – Anna Quindlen