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#48 Lights, Camera, Action!

Greetings dear reader,

Another week, another whirlwind. I sometimes ponder whether we should change the logo of the Avinya Academy to something resembling a tornado, but I digress. Our featured educator is Dilani this week and she has summarised the events of the week perfectly!


Dilani here! I am happy to be part of this week’s episode of The Avinya Scoop. As always our campus has been abuzz in the past week – We started a fun, new project; interviews continued, Jetwing training took place along with some final vocational placements; graduation excitement is in the air and the list goes on.


As a Home Room Teacher, I can honestly say that my heart is on my sleeves these days. With our students on the home stretch of their journey in the Empower Program and with some of our students leaving earlier than anticipated to embark on their careers in the Hospitality industry,  it is a time of mixed emotions! So very proud of our kids and excited for them; however, at the same time, I am secretly wishing for time to slow down so I can savour the last couple of weeks (days in some cases!) I have with them.


Our final project “Let’s Vlog It” is well underway. This project has required the students to reminisce on their time at Avinya. It is truly amazing at how in this relatively short period, they have crossed so many milestones and made many amazing achievements- some they never thought ever possible when they first joined us!


With ‘ Let’s Vlog It’, the students have finalised their reel plans, fine-tuned their scripts and are now having some fun-filled sessions, shooting their videos. The students have some amazing ideas for their vlogs and it will indeed be a treat for everyone to see the students’ portrayal of their journey at Avinya. Experts in Capcut and armed with phone cameras, selfie sticks, ring lights and a whole lot of enthusiasm, it is now time for Lights, Camera, Action!




As Dilani mentioned the interviews have continued and we are almost, almost at the finish line to cap off the second batch of the Empower program. This week, we held a special workshop for the first group of enrolled students. It was a moment of reflection as our first batch reminisced about their own first workshop, realizing how far they’ve come since then. I’m going to take a moment to thank all the educators for the effort put into these workshops in between everything else going on at school and to Alana for her invaluable contribution of hula hoops!


This week, we bid farewell to some of the students of the first batch, who will be moving onto in house training with Jetwing for the next two weeks (they will be back for graduation!). While it’s always bittersweet to see them move on, we take immense pride in their achievements and growth during their time here. They have become an inspiration to all, reminding us why we do what we do.


We’re also happy to share that we’re getting closer to some exciting updates regarding the IT vocation! Recently, we engaged in discussions with some partners, and the outcomes have been very promising. While there are still a few more details to finalize, we’re working diligently to bring the best possible news to our students. Rest assured, we’ll be back with more updates very soon.


Finally, with hearts full of excitement and anticipation, the students are eagerly getting ready for graduation day! The atmosphere is buzzing with joy as they practice dances, plan their outfits, and celebrate the journey that brought them to this milestone. Graduation is just around the corner, and they can’t wait to take that stage and embrace the future with open arms.


That’s it for the week. Goodbye and we will be back with next week’s whirlwind!