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#50 Wrapping up a whirlwind

Hey everyone!

Today’s blog is brought to you by Isuru. It’s been quite a while since I wrote an article here but I hope to keep up with our seasoned bloggers’ energy. (Sinalie and Anju, this means you!) So many things are going on at Avinya and I’ve got a lot to share with you. Let’s recap what our week was like.


The Media Conference was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our students’ talents to the world out there. A number of media channels accepted our invitation to witness the talents of the students and to get a glimpse of the Avinya Style. The educators, students and the non-academic staff all contributed to its success in whatever capacity they could. This is the beauty of the Avinya style; we win together!


The project “Let’s Vlog It” was the last project we did with our wonderful first batch of students. This was therefore a fine blend of excitement, sadness, joy and tears. The students are well aware that in a week’s time they are going in different directions, pursuing their dreams in their own vocations. The friendships and the bonds they developed with one another will give them nostalgic recalls. This goes without saying to the educators as well. We will miss our first batch so dearly too, but at the same time, we will be watching them from afar as proud parents. The final product of this project, the vlogs will be their last souvenir they leave with us. And we will remember them every time we see them.


Our Nursing students have been quite busy with their vocation specific studies because some of their interviews are scheduled to be held this Wednesday. They studied well and faced a test presented by the Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences and are feeling very motivated and excited for the learning opportunities that await them. It was interesting to see how these students have evolved from not knowing the basic functions of the computer to a level where they do individual research to learn on their own about advanced subjects like biology, in English medium. This encompasses the essence of the Empower programme; i.e. to empower the students to stand up on their own and to step up to the future with a remarkable self-confidence.


Our Hotel Training partners are also working tirelessly to train our hospitality students to prepare them for the August tourism season in Sri Lanka. Most of these students have been placed at different Jetwing hotels around the country from Jaffna to Colombo. While the new changes may be a bit challenging for the students at first (especially with the drought and the harsh climate conditions in some areas), we have trained them on key skills like adaptability, flexibility, communication and problem solving, and we trust the physical and mental fitness of our students. The counseling sessions, professional workshops and the projects themselves have been preparing them for the challenges in the real world.


The week is not over yet. We are planning the biggest event in Avinya history so far to happen on 4th August 2023. The graduation ceremony will take place with the presence of a number of special guests, speakers, parents, partners and other well wishers. Our students are so excited to welcome them all and to enjoy the best day of their lives! Let us all wish them best of luck to make it a wonderfully memorable day.


Isuru signing out for today. Let’s meet again soon to share more Avinya stories. Have a joyful day!