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#51 Triumphant Milestones and Unstoppable Momentum

Hello dear readers,

Graduation day had finally arrived, and it was nothing short of a massive success in all our eyes! As each student proudly received their certificates, the homeroom teachers shared heartfelt one-liners that echoed the unique journey each student had taken at Avinya. In true Avinya fashion, we faced a few hiccups here and there (we perhaps should not have put our Executive Directress in a saree on this important day) but all in all it was a beautiful day that showcased the culmination of hard work and dedication from the first batch of the Empower program. Our educator Ilma, has some thoughts to share about this day as well!


“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

That’s a wrap! When I was asked to take the lead in organising the graduation ceremony I accepted without batting an eyelash; not because I was confident in myself, but because I was confident in my team. We work together like clogs in a machine so I was certain we could make this event memorable not only for Avinya but for every guest present too.


The excitement of preparing for the event was overshadowed by emotions we were dealing with at the thought of parting with our dear homeroom kids and I was certain everyone of us were feeling it deeply. However our determination to give them a memorable send off helped us pull through.


We started off by planning the agenda for the day leading to delegation of responsibilities. Each of us took on tasks to focus on, such as deciding on the venue, training the students for the choir, dance performance, designing the certificates, invitations, creating the guest lists, sending out invites, organising food, decor, sounds, lights, photo booth, afterparty, marquees, tokens and so much more.


The next step was to get quotes from different vendors and present a budget. After this was approved the school was a hive of activity with dance rehearsals at one end and singing on the other end, making the tokens and practicing speeches. In the middle of this some of our students had to leave for training at hotels before graduation which led to practices on zoom! When our lead choreographer came back from Yala the day before graduation he realised that he was doing all the moves on the wrong side as while he was training them on Zoom he was mirroring them and got his left turns and right turns confused. This led to continuous practice until it was rectified.

Time management and punctuality was crucial for us, not only because we value the time of our guests and participants but also because we know an event can be enjoyed to the maximum only if it doesn’t drag on. The rule set by our executive directress was ‘no faffing!’ so several timed rehearsals got us exactly where we wanted to be. So I can say without a shadow of doubt that absolute teamwork saw us through, resulting in a truly memorable event for everyone present!




We also want to extend a warm welcome to our newest educator, Geeth Boralessa, who is set to lead the charge in mentoring the IT vocational students. Geeth will guide these students as they prepare to embark on future internships and simultaneously follow the comprehensive full-stack development course offered by the University of Moratuwa. We are all excited to see what you cook up!


The momentum doesn’t stop there. The third workshop for our incoming Empower program batch was held, creating a buzz of excitement for both the students and educators. New faces are soon to grace our boundless, wall-less building, filling our currently empty educator hearts with the more wonderful, shared experiences. The anticipation is palpable, as we prepare to witness a new chapter in the Avinya journey.


As always, the Avinya spirit remains indomitable. We’re riding (at dawn) the wave of success with our signature determination and dramatic flair. We’re not resting on our laurels. Plans are already in motion, as we delve into strategies and training sessions to elevate the upcoming batch’s experience even further. Change is not just a buzzword here; it’s a constant, driving force that pushes us to innovate and refine.


In the grand tapestry of the Avinya story, each chapter is a testament to growth, dedication, and change. We look forward to embracing the next phase, ready to shape lives and futures in ways only Avinya can. Until next week!