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Series 2, Blog #4 – Navigating Change, Progress and Transformation

Dear readers,

Welcome to the 4th blog featuring our chronicles with the second batch of the Empower program! Our educator, Ilma will run you through our ever hectic week while Dee and I have some interesting numbers and information to share with you all after.

“Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

This famous quote by Maya Angelou brings to mind how much we have learned and progressed with our first batch of students. Where we were groping in the dark not knowing what to expect we are now more confident, more prepared but still open to learning.

This term however is very different for me as an educator as this time around I don’t have my own Homeroom; instead I’ve embraced  a different responsibility. I now have the unique opportunity to work across the campus, overseeing both academic and logistical aspects, in addition to handling administrative duties. As much as I miss having my own class, this post has given me the amazing opportunity to interact with students from all classes.

The first week of the new batch started off with a bang 🙂 Following a very exciting and action filled orientation our students are settling in to their first taste of project based learning. My Digital Passport is seeing many students physically touching a laptop for the first time in their lives. It’s interesting to observe how some students have taken to it like ducks take to water, while others are a tad bit reluctant to explore, no doubt though, that they too will overcome this fear as time goes by.  

In true first week of a new term style, we navigated many things along the way. Some hurdles but many highlights. Among the many highlights of the week was our town hall to introduce the kids to the team, which includes the educators as well as all those who work hard behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of our Academy. 

The students also had a great experience with our very first guest speaker for the term, Mr. Mahesh, who held an interactive session on Law and Society where not only our students but we educators learned a lot about our legal obligations and boundaries too.

We look forward to embracing the adventure of what lies ahead and learning more as we go along, for we know that exciting things are on the horizon! 

– Ilma

Status Report on Empower Program 2023 Batch A

One month has passed since the graduation of our first Empower Program cohort. We believe that our supportive well-wishers share our curiosity about their current status and progress.

Our dedicated Homeroom Educators have been in constant contact with our graduates, in fact most of the time they don’t have to try, the students are continuously updating them on their status at training. In our endeavor to quantify and visually represent their progress, we’ve taken the time to break down the statistics to share with a broader audience.

The Empower Program began in January with 118 students, at the time of graduation we had 109 students. We sadly bid goodbye to 9 students who had to leave the program for various reasons. It was like losing a part of us but we wished them well on their new paths. 

We worked very hard to ensure the 109 who remained in our Avinya family and had some plans in place for their next steps upon graduation. Our goal was to secure on-the-job training opportunities for all of them, and thanks to our exceptional partners who stepped forward, we successfully turned this vision into reality for the students who needed the support.”

Here’s a snapshot of the status of our 109 students and their career journeys.

Below you will find a breakdown of the industries in which the currently placed students are gaining valuable training experience.

We are committed to staying connected with the HR Managers and course coordinators of these students, understanding that once a part of our Avinya family, they will always be a part of us. The insights we gather from their journeys will play a vital role in our ongoing efforts to enhance the Empower Program with each new batch.

– Dee

Empower Program 2023 Batch A vs Batch B

In the heart of Bandaragama, where dreams find adventure and growth, the Empower program has been quietly scripting tales of transformation. Today, we thought we’d take a stroll through the tales of Batch A and Batch B from the year 2023, as we sprinkle in some meaningful statistics for a bit of fun and insight!

While the numbers may not signify a large difference, they speak volumes. It’s heartening to see young women embracing empowerment and seizing opportunities with newfound enthusiasm, and we are happy to see the Empower program making strides in promoting inclusivity and gender equality.

In terms of location, Batch A had 25% of students who had to board due to their distant origins. In contrast, Batch B contains 79% of students from Bandaragama and its surroundings, with everyone choosing to journey to school daily due to the close distance to the academy. This is another promising sign of the community in and around Bandaragama placing their faith in the Empower program and we could not be more delighted.

In Batch B, an impressive 51% of students were drawn to Avinya based on enthusiastic recommendations from friends, family, and the outstanding achievements of our Batch A alumni. It’s heartwarming to realize that the impact of our earlier cohorts has resonated so much already. Out of the remaining, 26% joined us with a specific interest in career guidance while 22% were interested in English proficiency, digital skills, and other 21st-century competencies. We’re deeply humbled by the trust they place in Avinya to guide them towards a brighter future.

The numbers do tell us an interesting story and it is always good to sit and reflect at different points in time. However, it is also important for us to remember that the Empower program is not just a set of numbers; it’s a narrative of change. We celebrate the girls finding their voices, the community rallying together, the diverse aspirations of our students and the trust they place in us.

As we continue to nurture these promising journeys, we look forward to more stories of transformation. Our hope is that Avinya’s Empower program is not just a stepping stone but  that it will become a launchpad to a world of opportunities. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the path to empowerment!

– Sinalie