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Series 2, Blog #10 – Waste into Wonder, The Art of Dressing and The Great Migration

Dear readers,

As always it was yet another week that showcased how Avinya handles curve balls! Health concerns around the area became the new hot topic in school along with our Golden Rubbish project but both educators and students took this as nothing less than a challenge to conquer. The students did not fail to bring their A-game since they surprised everyone in school the following week with their amazing upcycled products. Now the school is filled with handy dandy decorations, bookshelves, dustbins, hangers, and other creatively upcycled products. 

The delivery of the presentations and their final products showed how students understood the importance of using waste material and making something new, creative, and useful out of them. They also understood how such items have a great demand in the market and can be potentially used as business ideas. That was how we wrapped up the Golden Rubbish project!

Next, Project Runway started off in style with our beautiful Guest Speaker Yashara Wickramasurendra who showed us the importance of Dress Etiquette. She greatly helped in building a foundation for our project. She also inspired our students (and of course our very own fashionable educators) on how to upcycle old clothes into new and improved outfits. We are all excited about this project so we can unravel the hidden models and designers in our school with their exquisite designs made from their upcycle clothes because as the saying goes, life is too short to wear boring clothes. 

And just like that, we end this week’s Avinya shenanigans. Looking forward to a vibrant fashion show next week! 

– Anuki

Thanks Anuki for this update! As I mentioned last week, the AI team has been buzzing with activity as we gear up for a fresh student recruitment cycle. To make sure the process proceeds as smoothly as possible, we’ve been working on a workshop for our educators, to help them navigate each stage of the recruitment process with confidence.

The aim of our workshop is simple. We want our educators to feel at ease with the recruitment process and welcome their input on how we can improve it even further, to meet the needs of interviewers and candidates alike. We want to open the floor to any questions they might have faced during the previous student recruitment cycles and we’ve planned a rather interesting case study to address it in true educator style! Sanduni and I are very excited to deliver this joint workshop on none other than Halloween! 

In addition to our recruitment process, we’ve embarked on what Dee has rightfully dubbed the “Great Migration.” We’re in the midst of transitioning to a new Google workspace. Admittedly, it’s been a tad complex (and, as Anju insists from a corner every time someone brings it up, “Microsoft would never!”). Nevertheless, we’re fully focused on this migration, diverting about a good 50% of our attention to ensure that no important data slips through the cracks. As one great member of the team pointed out: “Spreadsheets can be recreated but data cannot!”

Throughout all these endeavors, our team has showcased their unwavering adaptability. There might have been brief “If you jump, I jump Jack” moments scattered throughout but everyone embraced the challenges posed by the “Great Migration” with their usual grace and resilience. I want to take a moment to applaud our incredible team for their hard work. So, here’s to our educators and our amazing team – let’s keep pushing forward!

Thank you to all our lovely readers as always for engaging with our blog, we’ll be back next week with more updates!

– Sinalie