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Series 2, Blog #13 – Water Victories, Overcoming Bullying and a Busy Whirlwind

Hello once again, Avinya community! 

We’re almost through with November and one of our major events on the academic calendar is afoot! Our educator has some lovely thoughts to share with all of you on what’s been happening on the AD front.

As we dive into the happenings of the past week, I can’t help but reflect on the enriching experiences our students had during Tuesday’s ‘Guest Lecture’ session. We were honored to host three distinguished speakers – Mallika Samarawicrama, Badra Udawatta, and Rasika Hettige. The topics they covered were diverse yet essential: Reproductive Health, Learning Soft Skills for Success, and How to Manage Stress. The lively and interactive session left our students attentive and energized. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these three doctors who graced us with their knowledge and insights.

Moving on to the core of the week, we dedicated our time to the ‘Project Showcase’. Our talented Avinya students took on the challenge of planning an exhibition and event planning to showcase their term work to their parents. Throughout the week, they delved into the details of event planning, learning crucial skills such as creating digital invitations using Canva, preparing event day schedules, and even making scripts for their final presentations.

The highlight of the project was the students’ mastery of making PowerPoint presentations to showcase each project. This not only showcased their technical skills but also their ability to communicate effectively. Learning to speak confidently before a crowd using cue cards was a valuable lesson that will undoubtedly serve them well in their future endeavors.

As we wrap up this week, we look forward to witnessing a successful exhibition tomorrow, on 17th November 2023. The next blog will carry that success story. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to making this week a success, and here’s to more weeks filled with learning and achievements at Avinya!

– Vidushi

Thank you Vidushi! 

In other news, in the realm of house competitions, it was yet another thrilling week with house ‘Water’ taking the lead. The games this time required some strategic maneuvering with balloons and a solid partnership to cross the finish line. Students brought their A-game and the cheers were so loud I personally could not even hear my inner voice 😉 

Shifting gears from the competitive spirit, the Bees class organized an assembly focused on the critical issue of anti-bullying in honor of the anti-bullying week for 2023. This is a topic we take very seriously and the Bees made sure to drive the message home in a captivating way. The assembly featured Taylor Swift’s “Mean” which I must say is an excellent choice that resonated with many. Along with the song they also performed a skit and delivered a speech to create further awareness on the topic of anti-bullying.

Our assembly was also joined by a team from Learn for Life Lanka. A big thank you to Learn for Life Lanka who expressed interest in partnering with our school for upcoming guest speaker sessions, particularly focusing on social and emotional learning. We look forward to collaborating with you. 

We also had another special visit from the Hemas HR team.  We look forward to partnering with them for possible placement opportunities. We’re thrilled to engage with other like-minded people and here’s to partnerships that will enrich our students’ overall learning and professional experience.

In the IT corner our students presented two project proposals for Avinya. They identified existing issues in our system and pitched some amazing ideas for an inventory management system and a student registering system for the academy. We’re excited to see where these proposals will lead and Sanduni and I will be working closely with these students as we’ve been maintaining the existing systems so far (three cheers for Google sheets!).

On a practical note, our nurse conducted a session on first aid with all the classes. We’ve set up this initiative as a part of the preparation for the upcoming TVEC assessments of NVQ L1 Basic Competencies. It’s also important to equip our students with basic first aid skills in order to promote safety and well-being within our school community.

Extending our commitment to community outreach, last Tuesday we engaged in a conversation with a nearby primary school. The discussions centered around potential future sessions we could conduct for their students and participation in our upcoming community session in November. We remain dedicated to giving back to our community and fostering relationships that enrich the growth of both our school and the surrounding community.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week, even though I could go on.

As we celebrate victories, embrace collaborations and cultivate connections within and beyond our school we look forward to more days, weeks and months of similarly amazing developments here at Avinya. 

Until next week!

– Sinalie