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Series 2, Blog #17 – Make your Mark, Mindful Moments and Magical Manuscripts

Hi dear readers,

Another week has rolled about and the time has arrived for another exciting entry to our weekly blog. This week our Educator Roshanie will take you through the update on the AD front!

The vibrant atmosphere of Avinya Academy filled with Christmas spirit. Students have wholeheartedly immersed themselves in the exciting “Make Your Mark” project.They’re using Canva to craft impressive CVs, gearing up for future opportunities. Designing their CVs, they are not only showcasing their talents but also laying the groundwork for their professional journey. They have also started creating their very own linkedin profiles with the hope of connecting with prospective employers.Students are also delving into the details of interviews, transforming self-doubt into self-assurance.They are boosting their confidence through interview practice, mastering handshakes, and tackling tough questions.

 Also, students had an interactive session on “Growth mindset” with Learn for Life Lanka,an organization committed to support students with life skills that provides social and emotional learning which benefits the students both academically and socially. Mr.Sachinda Dulanjana, Mr.Pomuditha and Dr.Mandari conducted a memorable and an amazing interactive session, guiding the students to understand the importance of shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and that the challenges are stepping stones to personal and academic growth.This session will surely become a cornerstone in fostering resilience and curiosity among the students

Adding a touch of friendly rivalry, house competitions injected a burst of energy into the week. A Kahoot showdown on general knowledge at the school cafeteria was very well enjoyed by the students while it was informative to the students for their upcoming NVQ examination. House Water emerged victorious, yet House Fire maintains its lead, fostering a sense of friendship and healthy competition.

As the second week of Advent draws to a close, Avinya Academy is not just preparing for the festivities but is also cultivating an environment of self-discovery and empowerment. The blend of creativity, professional development, and a growth mindset is molding students into well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. The Christmas spirit at Avinya extends beyond the decorations,it’s a season of promise, empowerment, and the assurance of a bright future.

– Roshanie

Thank you Roshanie! In other news, Avinya continues to be a hive of activity as our student recruitment efforts continue in full-swing, drawing eager applicants every Wednesday for interviews. We’re delighted to see the interest and hope from these applicants, brimming with enthusiasm as many of them get ready to embark on a new educational adventure with Avinya. 

Behind the scenes, our dedicated HRTs seamlessly transition from guiding Empower batch 2023b through their academic journey to closely monitoring the post-graduation endeavors of our first batch of graduates. We’ve unveiled some interesting statistics regarding the post graduation statuses thanks to them and this information has been invaluable in making decisions regarding upcoming batches. A massive thank you goes out to the HRTs for their unwavering efforts and commitment that goes beyond the classroom. Avinya couldn’t have done it without you!

While it may be a little belated, expressions of gratitude are also extended to “The Morning” and “Sunday Observer” for featuring Avinya and our Project Showcase in November. We value the press coverage recognising the students’ efforts and for elevating the visibility of the Avinya Academy. If you’d like to read it, you can find the press coverage here. We also want to take a moment to appreciate the feedback given by parents during the Project Showcase. Overjoyed and thrilled, parents shared heartwarming stories of their children’s newfound confidence, presenting in English and collaborative group work. Their joy resonates with our mission to instill 21st-century skills and confidence in each student and it reaffirms the faith in our program.

As we celebrate these achievements, our attention turns to another significant milestone—congratulations to Anju, our Executive Director, on the publication of her third book; “Anya The Spirit of Yala.” For those familiar with Anju’s earlier blogs, her identity as a writer and a whimsical, magical wanderer at heart is well-established. “Anya” serves as a captivating sequel to her previous work, “Ella’s Enchanted Yala,” offering readers a magical journey through not one but two jungles. Anju’s storytelling prowess shines through as she masterfully weaves together adventure and strong emotions all the while starring some amazing Sri Lankan cuisine and witty humor. Beyond its entertaining narrative, “Anya” imparts valuable life lessons and a wealth of information about Sri Lankan wildlife and nature making it an all round gem of a book! We wholeheartedly invite all our readers to immerse themselves in this enchanting world crafted by Anju, where imagination meets wisdom (and very occasionally some despair :D)!

With that final piece of news, this chapter of the Avinya Scoop comes to an end. As always dear readers, thank you for your continued support and please stay tuned for more exciting news. Until next week!

– Sinalie