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Series 2, Blog #21 – Steady Starts, Navigating Entrepreneurship and Tech Explorer

Hello everyone,

We’re already in our second week of the year! The first month of 2024 has been off to an exciting start and for this week’s Avinya Scoop, we’re welcoming our educator Anuki to give a rundown of what’s been happening at the academy.

Hi, it’s me again! This week was more academically inclined since the new term started off with yet another project. “My Company Pvt Ltd” is an exciting exploration of entrepreneurship for students. They will be looking into new business ideas that match their skills, covering important steps like market research, product details, pricing, marketing plans, and feasibility studies.

The project’s structured approach, covering key stages of starting a business reflects a holistic understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. This methodical breakdown ensures that students gain a thorough understanding of the multifaceted nature of establishing and running a successful business. 

Our guest speaker for this project, Mr. Geethika Cooray, did an incredible session on creating a business that is driven by a purpose. It not only instills a sense of social responsibility but also encourages creativity in generating business ideas that serve a larger purpose. 

By the end of the project, students will be ready to pitch their business plans to potential investors. This hands-on experience is a great way for them to apply what they’ve learned and practice presenting their ideas in a real-world setting.

– Anuki

Thank you Anuki for your insightful update on the academic front! We’re off to a slow and steady start for the year even though we were wrought with a couple of flu related challenges right off the bat 😀 Students have gone back to immersing themselves in their current project and we’ve all been carrying on with our daily adventures at Avinya.

In our IT corner of the academy, another set of birds are ready to officially take flight into the professional world. This particular batch migrated back after their Empower graduation to study under Geeth (our resident IT guru) and work on the UoM Fullstack Development course. It has evolved into so much more since then with Dialog joining hands to roll out their Telecommunication Technician course with us.. They’re finally ready to leave the nest at Avinya and fully take control of their journey ahead. Many of them are already engaged in internships at various organisations and they continue to be excited to make their mark in the industry. These final couple of days are being spent adding final touches to their projects and planning another ceremony to celebrate their successful departure!

Speaking of IT, the week has been particularly eventful in this arena. Our weekend IT course coined “Tech Explorer”, a new initiative aimed at spreading digital literacy and skills to the surrounding community, kicked off to a fantastic start. The course is geared towards young learners (10-17) and adults (18 and above) to impart basic digital skills. The course was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, drawing in an attendance of 34 young learners and 19 adults. 

What made this weekend course even more special was the involvement of our IT students. In an admirable display of leadership, some of them volunteered to assist with the course. Their involvement went beyond mere assistance; they took the reins, leading sessions and imparting knowledge. It was inspiring to see these students, who not too long ago were learners themselves, now confidently sharing their expertise and guiding others. 

In parallel to these exciting developments in the IT department, our student recruitment process has been in full swing. The recruitment process is a crucial period for us, as we seek to welcome new students into our folds! As always, we try our best to be on the ball with everything going on at Avinya, to ensure that every step we take will help our students take a hundred more forward.

The journey ahead will be filled with possibilities and challenges and we’re ready to embrace them all. Until next week!

– Sinalie