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Series 2, Blog #25 – Project Endgame, Supportive Cheers and a Journey of Resilience

Hello dear readers,

We’ve reached the penultimate week before yet another graduation! This week Isuru is taking the reins to give us all an update on what’s been going on with the Educators and the students. 

Greetings, Avinya enthusiasts! It’s Isuru here, and I’m excited to share the highlights of another eventful week at Avinya Academy. It’s heartening to witness the vibrant energy and enthusiasm that our students bring to each week, making it a truly memorable experience.

The launch of the “Let’s Vlog It” project marked another milestone in our students’ journey. This exciting initiative is designed to encapsulate their memories from day one to today, creating a digital time capsule for them to revisit in the years to come. Beyond preserving memories, this project is a holistic learning experience—students are honing their digital, presentation, English language, photographic, cinematic, and teamwork skills. It’s a creative journey that promises lasting memories and valuable skills.

Last week kicked off with a burst of laughter and camaraderie as our students engaged in a lively house competition. The three-legged race had everyone on their toes, and despite a few amusing accidents, it was a day filled with joy and friendly competition. The spirit of unity and sportsmanship was palpable, reinforcing the sense of community within our Avinya houses.

Dr. Eranga, the Director of Skillnet Campus in Colombo and CEO of American Institute of Innovation, graced us with a valuable knowledge session. The students were not only treated to enlightening discussions but also participated in engaging games that tested their teamwork and leadership skills. Dr. Eranga and his team shared some encouraging words to our students and we thank you for the offer of potentially earmarking some students for job opportunities within their network. It was an exciting prospect for the students, adding an element of motivation to their learning journey.

One of the most heartwarming highlights of the week was the community session led by Anuki and Vidushi for the village kids. The dynamic duo took charge, ensuring the kids had a blast with games and activities. Soft drinks and biscuits were a sweet treat, and it was evident that the smiles on the kids’ faces were the true reward for our Avinya community’s outreach efforts.

As the week unfolded, a bittersweet realization dawned upon us—the last few weeks with our second batch of Avinya students. The anticipation is building as we look forward to witnessing the sparkle in the eyes of our enthusiastic graduates on the 16th of February. It’s a testament to the growth, learning, and memories shared within the Avinya family.

The week concluded on a high note, with echoes of laughter and the warmth of shared experiences lingering in the air. It’s a reminder of the incredible journey we’ve had so far and the exciting moments yet to come. As we bid adieu to this week, we eagerly await the adventures that the upcoming days will unfold.

Until next time, keep the Avinya spirit alive!

– Isuru

Thank you Isuru for the comprehensive update on the AD front! 

In other news, the aftermath of the immensely successful IT closing ceremony is still in the air (three cheers!) serving as a constant reminder of the remarkable milestones our students have reached. Today, we’d like to feature Sashitha Fonseka, who shared a heartfelt message with the Avinya LinkedIn page about his experience working with the students and the academy. Thank you Sashitha for the effort you’ve invested in our students as well as the kind words!

In tandem with celebrating our successes, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting to work on some upgrades to our programs at Avinya. This time around we’ve decided to focus a bit more on English and IT as we’ve discovered that the knowledge (or rather, lack thereof) of these two areas in particular serve as major setbacks for students to proceed in their professional and educational careers. We’re all currently in full research mode to tweak our plans and address these head-on to ensure that all of our students can thrive and succeed in their futures. Speaking of research, we’ve decided to foray into some of our own with regards to vocational education in Sri Lanka. We feel that there are areas left unexplored and team Avinya is on a mission to uncover them. We’ll share more on this later when we’ve put together a more comprehensive outline!

Amidst these exciting developments, we’re delighted to welcome two new interns into the Avinya family. Imasha, with her quiet yet discerning nature and Navindu, part wildlife photographer and part accountant. Welcome guys! We’re happy to welcome you into the inner folds of the Avinya family and we hope to see great things from you!

However, our journey forward hasn’t been without its fair share of challenges and adversities. In recent weeks, we’ve grappled with some difficult situations that have tested our resolve. We’ve had to regroup, reassess and reconsider some of our approaches from a student perspective and from an external perspective. It has not been easy but what it has done is make us come closer together as a team to figure things out and make things better as we steadily keep moving forward, our vision and passion for what we do growing stronger each day. In the face of uncertainty and rumour, we’ve chosen to embrace an approach guided by the wisdom of Christopher Morley.

“Be hospitable to rumours, for however grotesque they are, they always have some reason for existence” – Christopher Morley

We’ve confronted these necessary conversations with diligence and transparency. As a result, we’ve been able to uncover underlying issues and address them at their roots. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated trio—Nalaka, Ilma, and Sanduni—we’ve started to navigate through these turbulent waters and hope to sift out any remaining concerns in the upcoming weeks.

Nevertheless, the adventure never ends! Join us again for the next installment in the week leading up to the graduation of our second batch. Until then!

– Sinalie