The Avinya Academies will be a network of 300+ schools, island-wide, to provide world-class, geographically accessible vocational education, to anybody that wants it.

The first Avinya Academy will be in Bandaragama, on the Sarvodya Institute of Higher Learning (SIHL) campus.

Avinya Academy – Bandaragama

In conjunction with ↗DesignOne Studio, we attempt to create a space that facilitates the transformative learning experience we will deliver to Avinya Academy Students. Partnership with DesignOne was pursued for both the aesthetic, as well as for the economies of scale we hope to achieve through predictable, repeatable design methodology and construction patterns.

It is set in a beautiful field of Coconut trees, adjacent to a closed water body, and across from the Bolgoda River in Bandaragama. In DesignOne’s vision, they sought to incorporate the natural environment in the structure and layout of the building. We focused our campus design (for the Empower Program) around a philosophy of learning pods, connected by an arterial network of bridges.

Construction of Avinya Academy – Bandaragama will complete in January 2023.

The Avinya Promise

With the goal of promoting equality, the Avinya Foundation promises to ensure that any student that wants to attend the Avinya Academy be given the opportunity to do so, regardless of their financial status. To this end, we have designed a progressive and comprehensive Financial Aid program to ensure we can deliver on this promise at scale.

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