“A mind is like a parachute; it doesn’t work if it is not open”

Frank Zappa

The Empower Program at Avinya Academy is designed around 3 core pillars. At the Foundation, we believe these 3 pillars to be key in leading a successful and productive life. We designed the Empower Program to enrich students with these 21st Century skills to become successful contributors to Sri Lankan society and valuable Global Citizens.

Learning & Innovation: The 4 C’s

In the Learning & Innovation pillar, we seek to teach the skill of Critical Thinking, the art of Creativity, the benefit of effective Collaboration, and the prowess of effective Communication. We refer to these dimensions as The 4 C’s of the Empower Program. These concepts will be reinforced constantly and continuously through the duration of the program.

We believe these 4 C’s to be a powerful foundation of a well-rounded individual, intellectually equipped to tackle the world of the 21st Century.

Digital Literacy

To enable our students in 21st Century society, we will deliver a strong foundation of Digital Literacy fundamentals to Avinya Students. We understand that truly benefiting from our digital environment demands much more than understanding how to use a word processor, a spreadsheet tool, or a design program. We seek to instill a strong foundation of Information Literacy, to truly appreciate and understand the incredible value of access, evaluation, and management of information.

To reinforce the key pillar of effective communication, we seek to challenge Avinya students to build strong Media Literacy skills to better communicate their ideas. Finally, to enable effective engagement with the digital world, we strongly emphasize and require the use of tools and systems to build ICT Literacy to effectively ingest, manage, evaluate, and communicate information with the world.

Life & Career Fundamentals

As a functional glue to tie together the myriad concepts learned by Avinya Students through the Empower Program, we seek to instill a strong sense of Life & Career Fundamentals. The Foundation understands that perfect competency in the other two dimensions, in the absence of a strong sense of direction in Life & Career, does not yield productive output.

To address this, the Empower Program will teach Avinya Students the value of Flexibility & Adaptability to ensure they can operate effectively in an ever-changing world. We will also lead by example to deliver a strong sense of Initiative & Self-Direction to equip our students to become lifelong students of the world. To ensure compatibility with the increasingly multicultural and diverse society we live in, we will enforce Social & Cross-Cultural Interaction. Finally, we will place a strong emphasis on Productivity & Accountability, investing heavily in development of a strong sense of Leadership & Responsibility.

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