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Series 2, Blog #35 – Navigating the Waves of Learning at Avinya

Hello all, It’s Dee quipping in this week.  It’s been a calm but also chaotic couple of weeks at Avinya. Following the success of the Dansala, it’s been a rainy and windy few days. Despite the weather, our student worker bees have been attending classes with enthusiasm. In today’s edition of the Avinya Scoop, I’d […]

Series 2, Blog #34 – Tech Pioneers and Vesak Dansal!

Hello avid readers! It’s Geeth here! Oh, it feels so good to be writing another piece that will be added to the awesome set of Avinya blog chains. My blog starts with six unique characters who came to Avinya in 2023 searching for a change in their lives. And indeed they found it! Six extraordinary […]

Series 2, Blog #31 – Kavili Filled Celebrations and Vocational Updates

Hey everyone! It’s been a long and “kavili” filled week for all of us here at Avinya, as students and Educators alike have been celebrating the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with our families at home. Nevertheless, it seems it is time for yet another update on what has been going on at the Academy […]

Series 2, Blog #30 – Spirited Classrooms and Impactful Sessions

Hi everyone, Welcome to two weeks worth of learning adventures at Avinya! From this week onwards, our lovely Educators will be updating the Avinya Scoop and today we’re featuring Anuki, Educator and part-time secret blog writer as we’ve recently discovered! This term Rosh and I are handling the Empower short term course. It’s definitely a […]

Series 2, Blog #29 – Picture Stories and Changes Ahead

Dear readers, Welcome back! We’ve missed you during our short break (and we hope it’s been the same for you! :D), but we’re thrilled to be back with our Avinya Scoop, with some new changes to the blog as well as our courses. Right now we’ve revamped our blog to be a little shorter in […]

Series 2, Blog #27 – Emotional Farewells and New Chapters

Hello Avinya Community! As we have come to the final week for the 2023B Batch, we find ourselves enveloped in a whirlwind of emotions. It’s been a journey filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories. Let me walk you through some moments that made this week truly special. We had our last guest speaker for […]

Avinya Academy Celebrates Graduation of Second Batch, Expands Opportunities for Underprivileged Students

COLOMBO, February 16, 2024 – The Avinya Academy, Bandaragama, announced the successful completion of its second foundation program aimed at equipping and empowering less-privileged students to pursue thriving careers or higher education. The academy’s second batch of 117 students graduated on February 16, 2024.  Dinesha Senaratne, Head of the Empower program, expressed her satisfaction with […]